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Westfield Stratford

Project Figo is a traditional  Italian restaurant with a modern twist based in Stratford Westfields. It was designed by Thomas Malher of Haus-of-Malher Desidn Ltd and the works completed by Ni Rok Ltd.



Figo was an empty shell of 280 square meters and ceiling height of 7.62m. One of the design requirements and challenges were that the landlords did not want to see any of the high level brick work or any of the buildings services.


The building works were based around an eclectic design theme. The restaurant designed by Thomas Malher creates an modern meets traditional Italian backdrop. The landlords insisted on the original block work to be disguised. This was created through a plain back wall design and a metal canopy running through the restaurant.


A design constraint imposed by the landlords was that all services (HVAC, Extraction System, Plumbing, Sprinkler and Electrical) had to be out of sight especially when looking into the restaurant from the outside. The Services also had to be accessible. This movable suspended rafter system was the solution.



One of the build challenges at project Figo was the flooring system. There were many services that that to be hidden and the Kitchen/Back of House area had to have 3 drain off points for washing the floor down every evening. The solution to this was a raised floor, a 44mm gypsum board sitting on 4 adjustable legs. The kitchen and back of house areas were tanked and the tiles feather upwards away from the drainage points in the floor.


The bar in Figo is a focal point of the restaurant. It is visible through the glass from outside. It is made from a zinc worktop and marble workspace. The frames are constructed with plywood and steel to create a super feature.


There are approximate 200 lights fittings and 80m of LED strip Lighting in Figo. The is a mixture of Track Spot Lights illuminating  the back tables and the walkways. Some of the tables are illuminated by low hanging pendant lights. The front section (bar and lobby) of Figo has 58 terracotta pendant lights and 34 tube pendant lights. All lights are controlled and dimmed via a Tiger Lighting System (Mode Lighting) installed by Ni Rok Ltd.


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